EXHIBITIONS / The Shadow Redeemed. Pablo Beltrán de Heredia

25 June, 2009 - 22 August, 2009
Obra Social de la Caja de Ahorros de Santander y Cantabria (CASyC), Santander
José María Lafuente, Luis Alberto Salcines

The distinct chronological stages in the life and creative career of the intellectual, academic and publisher Pablo Beltrán de Heredia (Guía de Gran Canaria, 1917–Santander, 2009) were the subject of this exhibition, intended to highlight the multifaceted personality of this cultural activist, professor, publisher, author and exhibition curator, among many other things. The show presented personal documentation and photographs from different periods in his life, together with numerous works of art, notable among which were pieces by many of the artists who participated in the Encuentros de Altamira for which Beltrán de Heredia was the organisational secretary. It also featured various items from the collections of Imprenta Bedia, the publishing house of which Beltrán de Heredia was a member and active editor. Various documents relating to his activity in the spheres of politics, university and the world of culture in general completed the selection.




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