EXHIBITIONS / The Optical Thinker. Rodchenko. Museum Series Portfolios.

30 April, 2019 - 31 July, 2019
Centro de Documentación de la Imagen de Santander (CDIS), Santander
Manuela Alonso

The exhibition "The Optical Thinker. Rodchenko. Museum Series Portfolios" offers a unique opportunity to learn about the career of this prominent member of the Russian avant-garde and to view some of his most iconic photographs. It spans a chronological period starting in 1924, the year in which he began to take photographs, until 1937, reflecting his technical and thematic evolution. Indeed, 1924 was the year in which he took the renowned portraits of his mother, the poet Mayakovsky, and various members of LEF (Left Front of the Arts). The show comprises almost all of the photographs (41) from the two portfolios that were published in 1994 and 1997 under the supervision of Rodchenko’s daughter Varvara Rodchenko, his grandson Alexander Lavrentiev—a leading specialist in the photographer’s work—and the gallery owner Howard Schickler. The photographs were developed in Rodchenko’s laboratory from the original negatives. This is the first time that these two portfolios, owned by the Lafuente Archive, have ever been exhibited.




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