EXHIBITIONS / Sol LeWitt: Books. The Concept as Art

25 September, 2014 - 20 December, 2014
Paraninfo de la Universidad de Cantabria, Santander
Bruno Tonini

The first works of the American artist Sol LeWitt (Connecticut, 1928–New York, 2007) in the early sixties were conceived in the field of drawing and sculpture before expanding, over time, into monumental formats and public spaces. Towards the end of the sixties, LeWitt began painting murals and large-scale wall drawings and much like the murals, photography was of great interest to him throughout his life. From the outset of his career the printed page was an important area of work for LeWitt: his publications immediately became a support and an alternative means of distribution for his work in other genres, offering him new possibilities for the realisation and presentation of similar concerns and interests.

This exhibition presents a selection of over 150 artis+E55:E58t books, posters and invitations created by Sol LeWitt throughout his career. They highlight the artist’s conceptual intervention in a myriad of variations of constructive schemata, project sketches and photographic classifications. Viewed as a whole, these pieces constitute an important testimony to Sol LeWitt’s creativity, inasmuch as they explicitly attest to the formal and conceptual synthesis of his work, and of his life itself.




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