EXHIBITIONS / Days of ire. Libertarian communism, flamenco romanies and avant-garde realism: Helios Gómez

05 November, 2020 - 07 February, 2021
La Virreina Centre de la Imatge, Barcelona
Pedro G. Romero

Helios Gómez (Sevilla, 1905 - Barcelona, 1956), Sevillian, Romany gypsy and Barcelonan, participated in some of the most interesting European creative networks of his time. His work lies in a paradoxical nodule amidst apparently antithetical elements, emerging as both anachronic and ahead of its time. He was at once a realist, a populist and avant-garde, a political activist and militant advocate of Romany identity, a libertarian communist and a practitioner of flamenco, of the kind that sing and dance.


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