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Tino Calabuig (Colmenar de la Oreja, Madrid, 1939). Multifaceted plastic and visual artist (painter, filmmaker, photographer...). He studied painting at the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts and then traveled to San Francisco, USA on a Fullbright scholarship to study at the San Francisco Art Institute. Back in Madrid, he exhibited at the Seiquer Gallery and was one of the promoters of the democratic movement of plastic artists in Madrid, and one of the founders of the Redor Gallery (1971-1982), where he created the Redor workshop together with Alberto Corazón and Raimundo Patiño.

In the 1970s his work was oriented towards new media: slides, films, videos... and he was a pioneer of installations in Spain.

A founding member, together with Andrés Linares and Adolfo Garijo, of the Colectivo de Cine de Madrid (1975-1977), he filmed several documentaries that depict the political activation of Spanish society during the transition to democracy, such as La ciudad es nuestra (1975). From those years, his exhibitions «Stop! Stop!» (against the Vietnam War, 1968), «Retablo del realismo activista» (Seiquer Gallery, 1969) and «Un recorrido cotidiano» (Redor Gallery, 1971) stand out.


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