COLLECTION / 1945-1989 / Spain / Poesía Magazine

4,200 items.

The illustrated poetry magazine Poesía first appeared in 1978, published by Editora Nacional, an independent printer house of the recently-founded Spanish Ministry of Culture. From the very first edition, the magazine was directed by Gonzalo Armero (Madrid, 1947–2006), with Diego Lara acting as graphic design director and deputy director until issue 16.

Within the context of Spanish periodical publications from the time, Poesía was a high-quality project of an innovative nature, both in terms of its content and the graphic concepts and design it presented, offering a wide range of themes (painting, poetry, narrative, essays, photography, architecture, music, film, etc.) and bringing new readers from the transition to democracy in touch with forward-thinking and contemporary conceptions on creating publications from a typographic and material perspective.

The collection, comprising some 4,200 items, includes the complete collection of the magazine, in addition to original material, such as mock-ups, drawings and collages for covers (Diego Lara, Herminio Molero), manuscripts by collaborators (Vicente Aleixandre, Jorge Guillén, Juan Larrea, etc.), original work by Francisco Pino, and photographs by Javier Campano, among others, as well as supplementary and preparatory documents (correspondence, press dossiers, etc.).

Gonzalo Armero, an editor, poet, graphic designer and exhibition curator, undertook other exhibitory and editorial projects in addition to Poesía, examples of which complement the collection: from the magazine Trece de nieve to publications designed by different institutions (catalogues, posters and invitations) through to its publishing house Ediciones Jardín del Aburrimiento



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