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Javier Maderuelo (Madrid, 1950) became interested in experimental poetry and art in 1972 under the influence of Fernando Millán, José Luis Castillejo and Felipe Boso, as well as artists like Elena Asins, Juan Hidalgo and Javier Aguirre, with whom he collaborated. He began producing typewritten poems and collages with texts extracted from newspapers, which converge in the unpublished book Arte Cisoria (1981). Felipe Boso introduced him to the world of phonetic poetry and with Pedro Estevan and María Villa he cofounded the Glotis Group (1979), dedicated to disseminating both the work of avant-garde poets, as well as neo-avant-garde works, some of them expressly written for Glotis. As a composer, he worked at the electronic music studio Alea (1973-1977) and was part of the musical movement Elenfante. He was a member of the Seminar of Analysis and Automatic Generation of Musical Forms, run by Florentino Briones, collaborating on the SIMO concerts. At the end of the eighties he abandoned poetic and musical creation to devote himself to an academic career.

Among his other publications about those years it is worth mentioning: Una música para los 80 (Editorial Garci, 1981), Escritura experimental en España (Ediciones La Bahía, 2014) and Ulises Carrión, escritor (Ediciones La Bahía, 2016). Archivo Lafuente houses: typewritten poems, collages, handwritten documents, diagrams, scores, programs, posters, books, photographs and press dossiers that reflect his activity as a creator and the context in which that activity took place.


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