COLLECTION / 1945-1989 / Spain / Escuela de Altamira

90 works of art and documents.

The Escuela de Altamira was a cultural happening that took place in Santillana del Mar over the course of a few meetings of theoreticians and artists who gathered for a week in the autumns of 1949 and 1950 under the generic title «Art Week in Santillana del Mar». The idea arose during a visit to the Altamira Caves by the German artist Mathias Goeritz in the summer of 1948, after which he imagined the possibility of creating a «pictorial school» and a «free and experimental artistic workshop». This idea was seconded by Ángel Ferrant, Ricardo Gullón and Beltrán de Heredia. At those conferences on «new art», surrealists, such as the members of the group Dau al Set from Barcelona and Eduardo Westerdahl from Tenerife, came together with artists of an abstractionist bent, such as those who made up Grupo Pórtico from Zaragoza, as well as with unclassifiable artists like Pancho Cossío and clearly eclectic artists such as Ángel Ferrant, who were like-minded in their interests to the young poets from the Proel group. These Spanish artists were joined by foreign ones, such as the Italian-Swiss architect Alberto Sartoris and his wife, the abstract painter Carla Prina, as well as the English painter Anthony Stubbing, the Swedish sculptor Ted Dyrssen, the Hungarian photographer Nicolás Muller, the Brazilian painter Cícero Dias and the German informalist Willi Baumeister.


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