COLLECTION / 1945-1989 / Spain / Elena Asins

20 works of art, publications and documents.

Elena Asins (Madrid, 1940–Azpíroz, Navarra, 2015) embarked on her career in the field of geometric abstraction participating in the exhibition Arte objetivo (Madrid, October 1967). She collaborated in some of the renewal projects in Spanish art, such as the Cooperativa de Producción Artística y Artesana and the Seminarios del Centro de Cálculo of the Universidad de Madrid. Considered one of the pioneers of computer-assisted art in Spain, she has created her own graphic programmes for generating forms that are supported by numerical series, grammatical structures and musical developments. Interested in the foundations of semiotics, she studied with Max Bense at the Universität Stuttgart (Germany) and with Noam Chomsky at Columbia University in New York.

Her work, revealing a high level of compositional rigor and formal depuration, spans various formats and mediums, from drawing, sculpture and installation to experimental writing and video. The high level of geometric abstraction apparent in her work has established her as one of the most important conceptual artists in Spain. Her visual work is complemented by her work as a lecturer and writer; she is the author of the experimental poem Cantos de Orfeo (1970) published by Ediciones La Bahía in 2013.

Asins’s work has been recognised with the following awards: First Prize from the Zentrum für Kunst und Medien de Karlsruhe (1988), Medalla de Oro al Mérito en las Bellas Artes from the Government of Spain (2006), Premio Nacional de Artes Plásticas (2011) and Premio Arte y Mecenazgo (2012).

Archivo Lafuente holds 20 items by Elena Asins, including printed matter and invitations, two artist books (Ludwig Wittgenstein. Zettel. modular group (0 to 5) [1987] and Cantos de Orfeo [2013]) and, chiefly, original works, such as the collage Untitled [cuaderno de viaje] (1965), two works made using transfer lettering Untitled [‘KTTT’] (1968) and Untitled [‘TUUU’] (1986) and the one-off artist’s book Cantos de Orfeo (1970).


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