COLLECTION / 1945-1989 / Spain / Eduardo Scala

Over 130 works of art, publicacions and documentation.

An outstanding chess player since his teenage years, Eduardo Scala (Madrid, 1945) abandoned competition when he began to understand chess as a system of knowledge or art. From that point on he started to use words and letters to compose texts and books that form a constellation of new poetic and semiotic models, which manifest as a verbal/visual system.

His intertwined and interlocking words and letters transcend the conventional book format. His poem Genomatría was conceived as a book printed on a continuous roll of paper measuring 1,100 metres in length. Some of his books and poems spill over into the space and the city, or are designed to wrap around buildings. He has also carried out actions, performances and videos in which he puts his body and voice at the service of words. Las Scaligrafías are a series of scripts made with drops of Chinese ink that trickle down the paper: ‘Paintings not painted by the human hand’, exhibited at the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid in 1989. Scala has participated in several contests within and beyond Spain.

Archivo Lafuente brings together around 130 items related to Eduardo Scala, including catalogues, typewritten texts, mock-ups, invitations, leaflets, cards, magazines, graphic work, posters, videos, audio recordings, and original work, such as collages, drawings, published artist books and one-off artists books with titles such as Geometría del éxtasis (1974), SOlUNA (1977), Cuaderno de Agua (1984), Ars de Job (1990), Libro del infinito (1993), Re/tratos (2000), S de Amor (2005), CIELOLEUS (2006), TESTO TEXTO (2011), Ajedrez. Libro de naipes (2011), QUIJO (2013) and ÁVILA LA VÍA (2013).



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