COLLECTION / 1945-1989 / Spain / Darío Corbeira

6 works of art.

Darío Corbeira (Madrid, 1948) was a member of La Familia Lavapiés (1975–1976), a group linked with the Unión Popular de Artistas (UPA) and other organisations with Maoist tendencies, which he combined with visual creation and political action in his quest for true popular art and the place that belonged to the revolutionary artist. The group’s aesthetics oscillated between radical politics, urban activism and artistic practice. La Familia Lavapiés criticised the artistic genres and categories inherited from tradition (for being too bourgeois), which allowed Corbeira to move away from the practice of painting and statuary, directing his attention to new procedures and materials, as well as the creation of installations and environments, an experience that later led him to develop his personal work in line with conceptual movements, basing his plastic resources on visual metaphor and allegory. In this regard, Corbeira is a historic figure in conceptual art in Spain and in the connection between socio-political and artistic fields.

As previously mentioned, he began his career in the mid-seventies with the group La Familia Lavapiés. The following decade he worked as a town planner for the Madrid City Council and between 1992 and 2013 he worked as a professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Universidad de Salamanca. Author of critical texts in newspapers and specialised magazines, he has given lectures at different universities in Spain, Germany, Canada and the United States, and is the literary editor of the book ¿Construir... o deconstruir? Textos sobre Gordon Matta-Clark (Universidad de Salamanca, 2002). He spearheaded the digital platform Brumaria, a project on art, aesthetics and politics.

Archivo Lafuente’s Darío Corbeira collection brings together six original works, dating from the period between 1974 and 1976, which are examples of his artistic practice developed on an individual basis, in conjunction with activities that he carried out during the aforementioned period within La Familia Lavapiés—a collective with its own specific collection within Archivo Lafuente. The collection consists of the following works: Relato con Franco (1974–1976), CL/QR (1974–2015), Un relato (1976), Una encuesta sobre la realidad (1976) and Sudáfrica: una sociedad encarcelada (1976-1977).

Archivo Lafuente also collaborated in the creation of the piece La crucifixión (oil on wood, 536 x 1224 cm), which was shown in the exhibition «Permanecer mudo o mentir» at MUSAC in León in 2016. The sketches and documents charting the creation process also form a part of the collection.


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