COLLECTION / 1945-1989 / Spain / Art and Politics: La Familia Lavapiés and its Wider Community

Almost 350 items.

This collection holds important documentary material related not only to La Familia Lavapiés but also the UPA, FRAP, PCE (m-l) and its wider community. Among over 300 references are original and graphic works, alongside posters, magazines and catalogues, as well slides, negatives and photographs, correspondence and press reports.

In the words of Darío Corbeira, the catalyst and leader of the collective: «Us members of the group La Familia Lavapiés were militants of the Unión Popular de Artistas (UPA) and the Partido Comunista de España (m-l). The UPA was one of the organs of the Frente Revolucionario Antifascista y Patriota (FRAP) and the Partido Comunista de España (m-l) embodying the Albanian version of the Maoism of the time and clandestinely led the popular-front organisations that accompanied it. You could say that La Familia Lavapiés was a Maoist group with anarchist and Trotskyist sympathies, with all the contradictions that entails, as the PCE (m-l) was an openly Stalinist party» (Desacuerdos, nº. 1, 2004).

Copies of the magazines Viento del pueblo and Arte y lucha (from the Paris branch of the UPA); actions, such as the inaugural «Artecontradicción» at the Madrid-based book shop-cum-gallery Antonio Machado; those in support of the struggle of the Sahrawi people; homages to Miguel Hernández in Madrid and Orihuela, and to Antonio Machado, and the interventions and murals created in the Madrid districts of Portugalete and La Ventilla, are some of the activities that are documented in Archivo Lafuente.


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