COLLECTION / 1945-1989 / Spain / Antonio Pamies

100 originals, publications and documentation.

Antonio Pamies was born in Prague, capital of the former Czechoslovakia, in 1956. When he was a year and a half old he moved to France and at the age of 15 he arrived in Spain. In the Barcelona of the last years of the Franco regime and the first years of the transition to democracy his drawings appeared in the historic magazine Rrollo Enmascarado and in other underground and countercultural publications of the time. After disappearing from view for a time, he returned to the scene as a regular contributor to the the magazine El Víbora in its early years. He is currently a professor in General Linguistics Department at the University of Granada. He is the author of dozens of scientific publications, as well as a lecturer and a visiting professor in Moscow, Kiev and Paris. Pamies is a member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and the North American Academy of the Spanish Language. He has also served as vice-president of the European Society of Phraseology. Among others, he has published the books El arte del insulto. Estudio lexicográfico (1997, in collaboration with Juan de Dios Luque and Francisco José Manjón), El lenguaje de los enfermos (2003, together with Francisca Rodríguez Simón), and Los modos verbales en español y en polaco (2015, together with Wiaczeslaw Nowikow). In addition to his academic activity, Pamies is a jazz scholar and amateur guitarist.

Archivo Lafuente preserves 100 documents by this artist among its collections. These include magazines, assorted publications, correspondence and an important original set of drawings from comics such as Don Pixot de l’eixampla, El capicúa maldito, Neura en las tinieblas, La pelota vasca, Nunca dejé de quererte, Rock alemán, Carpanta en la última cena and the original drawings for the publication De Qvommic, El Rrollo aristócrata.


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