COLLECTION / 1945-1989 / Latin America / Juan Carlos Romero

250 publications and documents.

Juan Carlos Romero (Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, 1931–Buenos Aires, 2017), was a key artist in the development of conceptualism in Argentina, in reflections on the identity of Latin American art and in the use of new technologies and expressive forms in the creative fields: mail art, street-based work, etc. In this regard, Romero wrote: «My conceptual ideas are aimed at the participation of the spectator/actor in themes related to the national reality».

He was a professor in the Departamento de Artes Visuales Prilidiano Pueyrredón and the postgraduate in Ernesto de la Cárcova Visual Arts at the Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte (IUNA). Between 1970 and 1971 he was part of the Centro de Experimentación Visual and participated in Arte de Sistemas, an international show organised by the Centro de Arte y Comunicación (CAyC). In 1970 he founded, together with other artists, Arte Gráfico - Grupo Buenos Aires, a group that combined a focus on recovering graphic tradition with experimental forms. In 1972 he also took part in the Grupo de los Trece, where he engaged with artists such as Luis Pazos, Horacio Zabala and Edgardo Antonio Vigo.

In 1988, together with Horacio D’Alessandro, David Edward, Héctor Puppo and Luis Pazos, he became involved in Grupo Escombros with the goal of taking art out onto the streets and transforming it into a mechanism to expand the collective conscience through performances, mail art and artist books, among others.

In the nineties he was part of Observador Daltónico, the first magazine in CD-ROM-format to be published in Argentina, and the visual poetry magazine Dos de Oro. Later he co-directed with Hilda Paz the visual poetry magazine La Tzara and, at a later stage, together with Fernando García Delgado, the experimental graphic magazine Vortex.

Archivo Lafuente’s Juan Carlos Romero collection of Archivo Lafuente offers more than 250 documents, which include magazines, handwritten texts, posters, catalogues, books, printed matter, cards, original collages, newspapers and Argentine revolutionary papers (CGT, El 45, [Argentina libre], antinazi, El barrilete, etc.), artist books (including the original Violencia) and posters, among others.



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