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In Argentina, new artistic behaviour was ushered in through the Instituto di Tella and the Centro de Arte y Comunicación, CAyC. The Instituto Di Tella was a cultural research centre founded in 1958 that enjoyed its heyday between 1965 and 1970. It was heavily opposed by the military government, which shut it down in 1970. Its Centro de Artes Visuales (CAV), led by the critic Jorge Romero Brest, constituted the ‘modernising institution’ of Argentine art, stimulating experimentation with new materials and ideas. The ‘Experiencias’ (1967–1968) brought together the young artists who wanted to transcend the objectual conception of artworks, seeking experiences that involved the body and the design of space-time through installations, performances, happenings and more. Artists such as Antonio Berni, Gyula Kosice, Julio Le Parc, Marta Minujín, David Lamelas, Leopoldo Maler, Alicia Penalba, León Ferrari, Roberto Jacoby, Luis Camnitzer and Alberto Greco, among many others, all graced it’s halls.

In 1968, some artists who had collaborated with the Instituto di Tella founded the Centro de Arte and Comunicación (CAyC), focused on conceptual art and cybernetic and systems-based art. From its inception, it was led by Jorge Glusberg, who gave it international visibility by inviting Spanish and Brazilian artists to collaborate, including: Víctor Grippo, Jacques Bedel, Luis Fernando Benedit, Alfredo Portillos, Clorindo Testa, Jorge Glusberg, Jerzy Grotowski, Jacques Bedel, Gregorio Dujovny, Carlos Ginsburg, Julio Teich, Horacio Zabala, Leopoldo Maler, Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, Julio Plaza and Regina Silveira.

Archivo Lafuente holds almost 1,000 items related to these centres including conferences from the Asociación Argentina de Críticos de Arte, advertising designs, correspondence, slides, catalogues, books, musical programmes, leaflets, photographs and graphic work, among others.



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