COLLECTION / 1945-1989 / Latin America / Clemente Padín

1,000 items.

During the sixties and seventies, Latin America saw the emergence of editorial initiatives in the experimental sphere coinciding with the construction of exchange relationships between artists in defiance of institutionalised art. In the beginning these networks of exchange were built around publishing and trading magazines, artist books and other experimental publications, before later expanding into mail-art practices. These activities were alternative platforms for the connection and collaborative work of different creative communities that, against the revolutionary backdrop of the time, championed transcending the limits of art to influence the transformation of ways of life and political activity.

The Uruguayan poet and artist Clemente Padín (Lascano, Rocha, 1939) was a leading promoter of such artist networks. Through publishing magazines (Los huevos de plata [1965–1969], OVUM 10 [1969–1972] and OVUM [1972–1975]) and organising exhibitions dedicated to visual poetry and mail art, Padín came into contact with artists from other countries and worked in the diffusion of new poetic manifestations, advocating art without objects that would stand as a transformative action of reality. Through exchanges with artists, Padín created an archive (visual poetry, magazines, mail art, correspondence, photographs, audiovisual material, etc.), which suffered significant losses in the seventies.

Padín, who graduated with a degree in hispanic literature from the Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences at the Universidad de la República, created hundreds of performances as well as articles and books, and his works has received both national and international recognition.

Archivo Lafuente holds over 1,000 documents in the Clemente Padín collection, consisting, chiefly, of his work as an author/editor: magazines (Los huevos de plata, OVUM 10, OVUM, etc.), manifestos, mail art, collages, books, audiovisual material, postcards, graphic work, artist books and original work.



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