COLLECTION / 1900-1945 / Latin America / Modernity and Literary Avant-Garde

2,500 works of art, publications and documents.

Between the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, modernity and the avant-garde found channels of expression throughout Latin America, both in the arena of literature and publishing (books, magazines, pamphlets, manifestos...) and in the sphere of the visual arts. It was during this period that the Latin American literary and artistic world faced the hegemony of modernism inherited from Rubén Darío, and the social, economic and political transformations of the turn of the century.

The collection is made up of several thousand items, including, most notably, first editions of books and complete collections of magazines, although original works, photographs, handwritten texts and correspondence of some of the most important and influential authors of the Latin American literary and artistic avant-garde can also be found.

Within this collection the preponderance of items are related to Argentina, with assorted documents related to authors such as Oliverio Girondo, Jorge Luis Borges, Bioy Casares, Norah Lange, Emilio Pettoruti, Ricardo E. Molinari and Xul Solar. There are also complete collections of iconic magazines such as La Campana de Palo, Claridad, Extrema izquierda, Sur and Proa.

However, the collection also consists of publications, complete collections of magazines and diverse materials from authors and initiatives spanning almost all of Latin American: Chile (Vicente Huidobro, Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral), Peru (Alberto Hidalgo, César Vallejo...), Mexico (the Stridentists: Manuel Maples Arce, Xavier Icaza, Kyn Tanilla, Germán List Arzubide...), Brazil, Uruguay, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, etc.


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