COLLECTION / 1900-1945 / Europe and Unites States of America / Other european avant-gardes

200 publications and documents.

Under the title «Other European Avant-Gardes», the Lafuente Archive gathers documentary collections concerning avant-garde movements in countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Romania and the former Yugoslavia, where very different creators assimilated avant-garde ideas, concepts and techniques from other lands and were able to give them a specific character.

This documentary collection is made up of some two hundred publications and documents dating from the interwar period, which bear witness to the artistic and intellectual evolution of Eastern Europe within the scope of avant-garde movements. The collection includes works by artists such as Víctor Brauner, Lajos L. Kassák and Lázsló Moholy-Nagy, and complete periodicals of significant impact such as 75 HP, Punct, Tribine and Unu. Avantgardà literar?, among many others.


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